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フリッピングスイッチ付きの名機!【クァンタム エナジー Quantum Energy Casting Reels EN100SPT.BX2】右巻き ギア6.3



フリッピングはもちろん、バズベイトもフリッピングスイッチを使いこなしてこそ! 20000円税別 22000円税込み ギア比6.3:1 重さ 7.1 oz ベアリング 10BB + 1RB 糸巻量 12/135 Brandishing an array of Quantum’s advanced Performance Tuned technologies, the Quantum Energy Casting Reels provide versatile, tour-grade performance that caters to competitive anglers. Housed in a tough, yet incredibly light one-piece aluminum frame, the Quantum Energy Casting Reels optimize performance throughout a range of tasks thanks to Quantum’s innovative Flippin’ Switch and an advanced Micro Adjust 3.0 cast control system. Packed with Performance Tuned features, the Quantum Energy Casting Reels combine PT Bearings, PT Gear Design, and PT Speed Bearings to achieve outstanding performance cast after cast. Prepared with Quantum’s proprietary Hot Sauce Lubricant for tour-grade performance right out of the package, the Quantum Energy Casting Reels embody Quantum’s Performance Tuned concept through the utilization of advanced technologies and high-quality components.