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超感動!お買い得!この機会にぜひ!【 Zebco Delta Spincast Combo ゼブコ デルタ スピンキャストコンボ】



13800円 税別   14904円 税込 ロッドは5.6フィートのML。2ピースモデルです。 糸張りテーパーなので、クランクベイトやスピナーベイト3/8ozから、ジャークベイトやトップウォータールアーまで、結構幅広く使えます。 リールは、ゼブコのデルタの超人気のZD2C。 リール単体で9180円ですので、コンボは非常にお買い得! この機会にぜひ! Add a new weapon to your arsenal with an ultra-sensitive, high-performing Zebco® Delta Spincast Combo. The Delta Spincast Combos combine a sensitive yet powerful graphite rod featuring a natural cork, split-grip handle with an ultra-smooth Zebco spincast reel with a five-bearing system. The reel is constructed with double anodized aircraft-grade aluminum covers for lightweight durability, and is loaded with performance-based features including a triple-cam multi-disc drag, multi-point positive pickup system, ceramic line guide and pickup pins as well as Zebco's popular positive worm-gear drive train. Ultra-smooth five-bearing system Triple-cam multi-disc drag Double-anodized aircraft aluminum covers Multi-point positive pickup system Ceramic line guide and pickup pins Positive worm-gear drive train Graphite rod with natural cork split-grip handle